Pledging Theta Chi

Before a man becomes an initiated member of Theta Chi, he has an experience with our Fraternity that solidifies his desire to join our brotherhood. Just as we are looking for potential in him— demonstrated through his commitment to academics, helping others, being a true friend, and serving as a productive member of his college community—so too is he looking for potential in us. He wants to see that we are truly committed to brotherhood, and his first encounter with us should reflect that. We should welcome him into warm conversation and acknowledge his value as an individual beyond what his value to the Fraternity could be. We should learn—and remember—his name. In short, we should model our values and behave in a way that aligns with our Creed.

Being a Theta Chi is about much more Pledging Theta Chi than forming four years of undergraduate memories; it’s about making a commitment to a lifestyle for a lifetime. It’s about making choices that reflect an understanding of and an allegiance to our Creed. Being a Theta Chi is about being of service, being respectful, and being a man who lives our values in such a way that others are inspired to do the same. Becoming such a man takes time, passion, and dedication, and it begins with an early and important encounter.

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“During my first recruitment event at Theta Chi, I felt a connection between the brothers and wanted to be a part of that. I also felt that their values aligned with my own.”